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I Should Sell These as a Hobby!

My mothers birthday is coming up and I decided that I would make her a little summer wreath. I saw a cute hobby shop on Pintrest and found some great ideas. I think I can recreate some of these. I wanted to do something a little more personalized this year, instead of the usual body soap from Bath and Body Works. Considering we live in the state of Florida, I can do pretty much any style of bright colors and flowers and it will match any season. Florida basically has two seasons, Summer and not Summer.

Anyway, I was at my local Michaels, and they were having a huge sale on the materials I needed to complete the pintrest wreath. So why not stock up on the materials. If the wreath thing isn’t really my forte, I can always return what I don’t use.

This thing came out great! Did I finally find something creative about myself? I think so!

My mother was so impressed, she asked where I got it! Little did she know, her daughter made the entire wreath in 30 minutes! I didn’t tell her that part. I’ll just let her think my blood, sweat and tears went into making her birthday present. I could use the brownie points.

My mother decided to bring her wreath to work and showcase it on the office door. Over time, she received so many complements on it. She pushed me to start making them for every holiday/birthday. I really enjoy making them so it wasn’t a issue. It’s almost therapeutic. Each wreath came out prettier and more creative than the last. I decided that I wanted to start a little Etsy shop and try to make a little profit off my hobby. There is also a ton of local craft shows where you can set up a booth to sell your products. Its relatively cheap to enter.

What You Need to Know

I don’t plan on this being my career. However, If I can sell something that I love making, why not do it? After some research, I decided the best entity for my “business/hobby” was a Sole Proprietorship. A Sole Proprietor is not a legal entity. I’m not required to incorporate with the state and it has little government regulation. I can set up my business under my own name and not have to worry about the innocence of filing a trade name. I definitely don’t plan on opening a separate bank account or taking out any credit cards, let alone open a permeant shop. My dinning room table is more than enough for my little hobby. I can also file for a Florida Annual Resale Certificate as a sole proprietor to get my materials tax-free. A Sole Proprietor is most definitely the way to go for my little hobby shop!

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