Retail Business – Where Do I Begin?

Grad Student Talking!

This weekend I successfully graduated college. However, you would think the student loans and 4 year degree would at least provide you some kind of pathway to figure out how to start my retail business? I guess this is where my journey begins.

My googling is mediocre, however I came across a company that helps guides you through the process of your start up business. Some things that were never talked about in that boring business class with the mono tone professor. How is college suppose to prepare you to run your business, but never really tells you how to actually start?

Anyway, first things first! What kind of company do I want my online retail business to be? Corporation? LLC? Sole Proprietor? What do those even mean! Luckily these agents are super helpful. Although, they are unable to provide any legal advice, they give you enough information for you to determine for yourself what type of business that best suits my company.

How I started my retail business.

After talking to my personal assist Jacquelyn, I felt like I was one step closer to starting my online retail business! In college, I started an Etsy store creating cute dog beds. I wanted to gain some experience on how to run a small business to prepare for my real passion. I noticed that I had quite the talent for repairing my labs bed after multiple attacks. Doctor claims he has separation anxiety, I just think he’s a jerk. Jacquelyn said that I can get a State Resale Certificate and get the materials tax free. How come no one teaches you this in college?

I’ve learned a lot visiting this site. Well worth the money to get my Florida Annual Resale Certificate. Much better than waiting on hold for 40 minutes to speak to a unhappy agent at the Department of Revenue.

One step closer.

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